Friday, August 3, 2012

Noah is Eating

 Since we have gotten home from Montreal in April, I've been working hard on getting Noah to eat by mouth. Some days he does really well and  I don't use his tube at all.   He has found it funny to blow the food back out of his mouth.  I would try about 3 or 4 times and then I would stop and put the rest in his tube.  This week I started using a bath towel as a bib.  That way he can blow out his food all he wants and everything doesn't get covered with food and you know what?  He has stopped blowing his food out and has been eating much better.  Mom won this time!!!! Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself.
 He definitely has let me know what he likes and dislikes.
He loves:  spaghetti, lasagna, salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, corn, tacos, applesauce, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets and his all time favorite the ice cream from a root beer float.
He hates: macaroni and cheese, chicken alfredo and broccoli.
As much as I'm excited about him eating by mouth, the thought of some day getting rid of his tube scares me.  It has literally kept him alive for the last 9 years. He wouldn't be here if we hadn't put it in all those years ago.  It took all the worry away.... is he getting enough to eat? to drink? It has been so convient.... so easy......  At what point now do we say he dosen't the G-tube anymore?  


Phil Dzialo said...

Great news! After 10 years of getting rid of Adam's g-tube, he still blows his pureed food out of his mouth at us....some kids ever grow up. Once you get the consistency and smoothness of the food right, he will love it all....long live my VitaMix. Anyway, when his weight is stable and increasing for a period of time, you'll know it's time for the tube to the mother's instinct. If you listen to M.D.'s they'd leave it there forever..."just in case." Congratulations, big step for all. Also, spitting increases lung capacity!!!

Phil Dzialo said...

As an after thought, I wanted to add that a great home business would be to design fashionable bibs for moms and dads who are the object of "blowing food out of the mouth of kids learning to eat orally." I'm tired of changing my shirt multiple times a day!

Susan said...

Yes, that would be awesome. I need to change my shirt, pants and usually clean anything in spitting range. Sometimes even the TV.

Paul Armstrong said...

Reading your posts and those of others who responded make me realize some of the trials you all go through EVERY DAY that we have no idea are going on!!!! Noah is lucky to have parents with hearts as big as yours, and YOU are lucky to have such a great person (and teacher) as Noah for a son. Your whole family is awesome!