Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Kid Again Zoo Trip

 Scott, Noah and I went to the Columbus Zoo last night. It was sponsored through A Kid Again. They plan fun things for Make A Wish families through out the year.  It was a fun night spent together.
 This kind lady brought out a see urchin and a star fish for Noah to touch.  He wasn't real sure of the sea urchin. He wrinkled up his nose when he touched it.
 The aquarium is one of Noah's favorite places to visit at the zoo. He loves watching the fish swim by.

 The weather turned out not so bad. It was a little chilly but, we stayed dry.  It was definitely Ohio weather for you though. Last weekend we had to keep Noah in the air conditioning to keep cool, last night he had his winter coat on to keep warm. 

Scott loves to feed the lorikeets. To bad one pooped on him. haha

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