Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today is the Day

        Today is the day Noah, my Mom and I are going to Washington DC with Noah's class.

Every year the eighth grade class at Noah's school goes to Washington DC.  Since Noah is the age to be an eighth grader, (It seems so hard to believe.) I started thinking if it be possible for Noah to go this year.  I was wondering how handicap accessible it is and then I watched a episode of  " The Little Couple" where they were in Washington DC.  They were telling how all the monuments gave elevators.  I got all excited and was determined that Noah would go DC with his classmates.
Noah's school had set up the opportunity to pay for the DC trip with Box Tops. With the help of our community food bank at our church, ( Where I volunteer every week.)  family and friends we were able to pay for our trip with Box Tops.

Cost of trip:  $215
How many going: 3
How many Box Tops needed: About 6,600
That's a lot of Box Tops!!!
Thank you everyone that helped us.

I would like to thank my Mom for going with me, to help with Noah. I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with her. I just hope she can relax enough to enjoy herself.

A big thank you goes to Emily for offering to stay with her Grandpa while Grandma goes with Noah and I.  I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.  Since my Dad had surgery last week some of my other family members are going to help out by visiting with Dad while Emily is at school.

Thank you Morgan for offering to take your sister and Grandpa out to lunch on Thursday.
Thank you everyone for helping to make this happen.

We will be heading  to DC tonight at 8:30. We are to be at  the Lincoln Memorial by 6am tomorrow. I can't wait!!!!
I promise lots of pictures when we get home.

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Phil Dzialo said...

I hope y'all (especially Noah) have the time of your life...a great place to visit!