Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Zoo Trip of the Year

 I decided that Noah needed some fresh air and sunshine today. So, Morgan, Emily,Noah and I went to to the Columbus Zoo this afternoon.

 We had an Awesome time. It was the perfect weather for the zoo.  We bought a family membership so, hopefully there will be lots of impromptu trips to the zoo this year.
 Noah liked watching the turtles swim.  The girls told him to ask Daddy for his own turtle. They say if he ask, Daddy can't say no.....

I loved watching Noah look at all the fish. He would follow them all the way across. He even looked up to watch a shark swim by.


Lorrie Stover said...

Looks like a great day !! :) love it! :)

Phil Dzialo said...

I feel like I live in a "zoo" there is little need to visit something you have around you all the time. LOL!