Friday, April 20, 2012

ABR Spring Tour 2012

Our week started with an assessment by Leonid. (creater of ABR)

He saw many great changes in Noah's structure.

We can't wait to see what the changes will be the next 6 months.

On Wednesday we had a free day. We visited the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

There wsn't much growing outside yet but, their greenhouses were blooming with color and beautiful butterflies.

Cool man Noah in his shades.

Not sure he liked the butterfly glasses.

But, Grandma sure did.

They also had an Insectateriam.

On the way home we stopped in Niagra Falls, Canda for the night.

It was pretty cold down by the falls. At least 20 degrees colder.

We went to Margaritaville for supper. Noah enjoyed watching the people on stilts.

Leonid really felt Noah should be fine eating by mouth.  We have really been trying to work on that since we've been home. Noah hasn't done to bad. He has been eating his supper by mouth since Monday and getting better at it everyday. He has been enjoying eating mixed vegtables, avacado, applesauce and yogurt,  The one thing I wonder about, is how will I get enough liquids in him this way?


Phil Dzialo said...

Hi Sue,
First of all, Noah looks great and I am happy that you guys had a great eval..changes will probably accelerate in the future.
We got Adam off the tube about 3 years after it was put in. My savior has been the Vitamix where we puree everything from chicken to steak and yucky vegetables. If its blended smooth, he never has much problem. I add about 4 oz of liquid in the vitamix with the meal and then her gets a 9 oz cup of thickened juice which we thicken with "Thick It." It gives it the consistency of between the added liquid to the meals and 3 cups of juice he gets about 40oz which seems to be quite ok. We spoon in the liquid but he does take small sips from a cup. Not easy, but it's helped him overall..Best wishes to y'all!!

Susan said...

We have a vitamix as well. I love it. Do blend all his food togehter? I tried blending chicken by itself the other day and it was very gritty and Noah wouldn't eat it.

Katy said...

Like Phil said, you can add thickener to liquids--I prefer Simply Thick to Thick it, but I'm not sure if there's a big price different.

Charlie went through stages where he refused to drink from a bottle or cup for whatever reason, so we made sure he was eating oatmeal with a lot of liquid added, fruits, and jello--all good sources of fluids.

Phil Dzialo said...

Sue, yes chicken can get gritty, along with other meats, so I mix with mashed potatoes and creamed corn, all together, and it's smooth...actually, I get Thick IT 2 on need about 1-2 teaspoons per 8 oz liquid. Good luck!