Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day at the Cleveland Clinic

 On Tuesday Noah had 3appts at the Cleveland Clinic. Noah is 4ft 4in. and weighs 57.8lbs. After his doctors looked at his stats. she said you've got 6 weeks. I'm thinking, then what?  I don't care what they say...We are NOT giving Noah formula only!! Like that will help anyway. Geesh!!! After  looking at Noah without his shirt, her reply was "Are we sure they weighed him right?"  "Yes, I know they weighed him right because he actually gained 1.8lbs in the last month. Oh. ok....he still needs to gain some more weight. Hhmmm, last time he was too fat.  I think these doctors need to realize Noah is always going to be small and forget what the scales and charts say a boy his age should weigh.  He is a very healthy 14 year old that is only 4ft 4in and only weighs 57.8lbs. Get over yourselves. Thanks!!!!

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Phil Dzialo said...

Sue, Noah looks great and very healthy, Doctors often have no clue about kids with disabilities. When Adam had a g-tube, we always gave him regular food and blended it into a liquid form...most formulas are high fructose corn sugars...not really healthy, but a lot of empty calories. Follow your mother's intuition and heart...looks healty and that's what counts!