Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Noah/Old Photo Friday

Noah was born Jan 28th 1998 5lbs 14oz.
Noah decided to come 2 weeks early we had no idea there was anything wrong with him at this time.
Although we have since found out that Noah's fingers  and toes were still blue after 10min. at birth and no oxygen was given to him at that time.  We believe because of this he has CP.
1 month old
 Noah was such a good baby. He would hardly ever cry. He did have problems with eating. I would feed him for a hour. ( He would eat 2oz.) and we would sleep an hour. We did this for months.
6 months
At 4m old he had hernia surgery and weighed 9lbs. At this time we took him to see a endocrinologist to see if there was a reason he was having trouble gaining weight. They tested him for Parader Willie. They found nothing.
1 year old
 At one year old Noah weighed 12 lbs and still could not sit or hold his own head.

18 months
When Noah was 15 months old he was diagnosed with Trisomy 8. That was the hardest day. With this diagnosis we found out that there is whole list of things that should be wrong with Noah. Such as, no knee caps, deep set eyes, full lips and there are many others.  Noah has none of these.  His main problem is his CP.
3 years
When Noah was 3 years old he had surgery to correct his eyes and he had his second surgery for tubes in his ears.
 Noah  got his wheelchair when he was 3.
He also started preschool.
5 yrs
 Noah had his G-tube put in when he was 5yrs old. Besides tasting things Noah is still fed mostly by his G-Tube using a blenderized diet.
 When Noah was 8 years we were able to provide HBOT for him.
Right before Noah turned 10 years old we started  ABR. By far the best thing we ever did for Noah.
Noah you are a true blessing in our family. None of us would be the same without you.
Happy birthday, Noah!!!!!!
We love you.

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Phil Dzialo said...

The happiest of birthdays to Noah...growing quickly into manhood. A gift and blessing to all who have had the pleasure to meet him...happiness and a wonderful life of wishes to be fulfilled to all!