Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Physical 2011

Today Noah had his physical. His doctor was very pleased. He said Noah has never looked better. He has had a wonderful winter. He hasn't been sick at all. Boy, I sure hope we haven't jinxed ourselves. Last year Noah weighed 45lbs. and was 50 1/2in. This year he weighed 64lbs. and is 52in. He commented on how relaxed his body seemed. He then asked me if we do any physical therapy. I said no just the ABR therapy we do at home. He then told me to keep up the good work and continue what I was doing because its definitely was working. Awesome, Go Team Noah!! I have never felt so good leaving a doctor appointment before.

On Monday I took Morgan back to school and ate lunch with her. What a great morning spent with her. Since I ate lunch with Morgan, Noah needed to stay at school an extra hour. In previous years he would have made himself sick. Monday he was just fine and even seemed very happy when I picked him up. I'm so glad he enjoys going to school now. When Noah is happy this mamma bear is happy.

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Marcela said...

How wonderful! It must be amazing to hear such an affirmation of your hard work. So happy for you guys!!!!!