Monday, February 28, 2011

Flood of 2011

You know you live in Ohio when on Friday the kids had no school because of a snow storm. Then on Monday they have no school because of a flood.
Sadly I can say I have lived through 3 floods. My children have already live through 2. I hope Shelby can find a way that this doesn't happen again.

Under all this water is a football field.

This is the auditorium in the middle school where Noah goes to school.
The last 2 floods before this one they had to replace everything.(Stage floor, carpet and seats)

This is the door I use to take Noah into school. After the last flood 4yrs ago the Shelby school system purchased flood gates for all the doors. It looks like it worked. They are only planning a 2hr delay tomorrow. Wow, what a lot of hard work. Thanks to everyone who chipped into help.
The only thing I worry about is how good is the air quality in the schools? I don't think Noah could handle much mold.....

Thank goodness for a new high school in the very near future.

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