Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soul Searching and Praying

The last 2-3 months I've been doing a lot of soul searching and praying. I've been trying to figure out if we should continue with ABR or not. We were unable to go to our last training in August or even November because we were unable to pay for it. I asked God over and over......"Is this what we should be doing for Noah? If it is or isn't please give us a sign."

What a blessing it was to go to the mailbox last Monday and find a check for the amount of our ABR training. I excitedly made a call to reserve our spot for the next ABR training in June.

Then..... On Wednseday I got an e-mail from the ABR Center in Montreal Canada. They were asking me if I would be interested in becoming an ABR technician in exchange for free ABR training for Noah. I would have to travel to Montreal the end of February for 2 weeks for training. Then 4x a year go to Chicgao to teach the families their new applications.

Is that answered pray or what?!!!!!!!!!
I'm now praying for Scott to get a good job so we can use the money we got to use as a deposit on the ABR machine and use Noah's SSI money every month as the $300 rental fee.

God is Good All the Time!!!!!!

Until next time........

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