Saturday, August 7, 2010

What I want for Noah......

Last spring Noah and I visited his new school he would start in the fall. With great anticipation of wonderful things in store for Noah. He got a tour of the school and he met his new teacher Mrs. P. He also got to meet his new friends that would be in his class.
I've been talking to Noah all summer about what to expect in the fall when he went back to school. Then this last Thursday everything changed.........
I got a call from the school district. The teacher we've been wanting for Noah couldn't be his teacher because of some licensing issues. To say were devastated would be a understatement.
I was asked to make a list of things I was wanting for Noah. This is what I gave them:
A calm, relaxing atmosphere: less stressful = healthier Noah
A teacher change for Noah (6yrs with any teacher is enough)
Mrs. M didn't really "know" Noah well enough (even after 6yrs)to read his cues correctly. That appeared to frustrate Noah, which led to stress, which led to him ending up sick.
His way of answering "yes" is a quick long blink. She would wait until he would blink (if he doesn't blink right away, the answer is "no"), and then say "I thought so" or mark his answer wrong. Everyone needs to blink sooner or later.
On Monday at the pool party we talked to Mrs. P for quite some time. She was very excited to find a way for Noah to learn. Her ideas on age-appropriate things was spot-on to what I've been wanting for Noah. The last several years I feel Noah's learning has become stagnant. We were looking forward to Noah having a new teacher with fresh ideas. We were seeing some real possibilities for Noah to grow and learn in a new relaxed, less stressful atmosphere.
i hated watching Noah instantly getting stressed out taking him to school. Even this past Monday at the picnic , he started with his heavy breathing when he saw Mrs. M. I told it would be okay. This was a picnic with all of his friends and that he would be able to have a new teacher , Mrs. P, when school started. In fact, I've been telling Noah all summer about what's going to happen when he goes back to school. I'm afraid of what will happen when I tell him differently.
It breaks my heart to watch Noah be so happy and healthy during the summer, and then sound so "gunky" during the school year. Its so bad his pulmonologist wants to put a camera up Noah's nose and down his throat to see how he deals with secretions. The problem is that the gunky sound is how he tries to deal with his stress and not him struggling or having trouble swallowing his saliva correctly.
In all of this , I'm just trying to relieve some of Noah's stress.
Mrs. M had a heart of gold. But, she just wasn't a good match for Noah. I believe I'm going to try and home school Noah. What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Wow Susan - if this teacher that he will have isn't a good match and you have the time and the creative thinking and TIME then home schooling him would be what I would do. We have tons of kids home schooled around here - even special needs ones. The challenge is social interactions with others - finding meaningful and fun ones.
His IEP (Idividulized Education Plan) should have his needs listed in it. If it does then by law the school system is bound to do what it says. However, that doesn't mean the match will be good.

Why don't you wait and see what happens with the teacher? Good luck Sue. Saying a prayer for you guys and tell Noah "Hi" from Mitchell and I

Vickie Sylvain
Leesburg, VA