Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow, What a week

Our training session in Chicago went really well. We learned 4 new excercises. They took 800 pictures of Noah for his comparison file. Better head control and a stronger trunk was noted. Wcott and I was very pleased. We're so thankful we've found something that is helping Noah. He didn't sleep well we were there. So, on Saturday during our training session Noah was very grouchy. We kept trying to do our new excercies on Noah but, he would start to cry and one point he got angry enough and hesaid "NO" After that we would just practiced on each other or our trainer Fehim. Because when the little guy says NO he means it.

Sorry its taken me so long to update about our trip. But, on the way home from Chicago I started to not feel well. I was on the couch as soon as we got home. I was sick all day Monday. On Tuesday there was a 2hr delay for school. On 2hr delay days Noah doesn't go to school. With all the extra time and with me feeling some what ok I started Noah's new exercises. He seemed to do really well with them. On Wednesday morning I went to get Noah ready for school and found him (I should say I could smell him way before I saw him) not feeling well. I weighed my options...... I decided instead of taking his clothes off, I would cut them off. It ended up being the best idea. Otherwise I would probably still being washing it out of his hair. Poor little guy...... I never wanted so bad to be able to give him a shower as I did that morning. I gave him 5 sponge baths that morning and he still didn't seem clean enough for me. It didn't help that my eyes were burning from the smell. Saddest part is he also got tired of me brushing his teeth that day. He had horrible nasty poop breath too...... After about 4x brushing his teeth he started fighting me to stop. On Wednesday Scott came home earlier from work and the girls started not feeling well. On Thursday we were all home from work or school sick. I can say that has never happened before and don't care if it ever happens again. It's definitely not my idea of quality family time.
It's now Monday again and things seems to be back to normal. Everyone is back to school and work. It's almost time to go pick Noah up from school and start therapy. I'll update with pictures soon.
I almost forgot the greatest thing about Noah being sick......... he rebounded just like everyone else. (before he would have gotten so much worse like get pneumonia and it would have taken him much longer to get better. How cool is that!!!!!


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