Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Noah

12yrs ago today Daddy received his little sidekick. You'll always be his hero.
I can't believe you are 12. Where does the time go...... Some days it feels like such a long road and yet time still flies. I'm so glad I'm on this journey with you. I love you so much.

Emily loves to spend time with you.
Morgan loves to help you learn new things.

You are so lucky to have 2 big sisters that love you.
Happy Birthday Noah!!!!!! We love you so much.


Jennifer said...

Hi Susan, I just visited your website after seeing you post to the ABR Yahoo group...nice to see your handsome young Noah. My son is 8 years old, his name is Adam...we have been doing ABR since 2004. We have had some huge improvements and also a few setbacks. ABR is still the most dynamic program I have seen. Perhaps we'll see you sometime at the Chicago satellite..there is a really nice RMH near Loyola we've the high cost of a hotel room. Anyway just wanted to say hello and Happy Birthday to your son...they do grow up fast. Also your daughters are lovely.

Susan said...

We stay at that Ronald McDonald house evrytime we've gone to Chicago. Its a great place to stay. Hope to see you sometime.

Kelli TenHaken said...

Happy Birthday Noah!! I too found your blog via the ABR forum. We are starting ABR in April for our daughter Ruby, who is 21 months. We live in West MI, so we would also probably go to the Chicago satellite! I hope we can meet you all in person there sometime. You are doing a great job with your little man. He is so handsome. I know this road can be tough, but there are so many blessings along the way.
Hugs- Kelli