Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thankful for Family and Friends and Grant Milliron too....

We recently got a letter in the mail stating we needed to tear down our garage or be fined $100 dollars a day until it was done.
Thank God for all our family, friends and Grant Milliron for donating a dumpster. We had the garage torn down and in the dumpster in about 3hrs.

Brandon, Dad, Scott B., Scott and David ready to take the garage door down.

Paul and David starting on the front.

Tyler trying his best to kick it down.

Brandon taking a sledge hammer to it.

Ray and Gaye Shira giving us a helping hand.

Even Issiah got in on the fun. Thanks to Kelly, Tyler, Issiah and Scott B. They took the time to sweep the bottom of the garage so we can park the truck there.

A job well done.
Thank You everyone who helped.

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