Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I need to learn to keep my mouth shut

I think I learned my lesson.... I need to keep my mouth shut and not brag on how good Noah is doing. Last Monday at Noah's IEP meeting I was going on and on about how good Noah was doing. He was working through his second cold with no antibiotic. Then on Wednesday I went to go pick Noah up from school. As soon as I walked into his room I knew he wasn't feeling well. He just had that "look" Although I had no idea he was as sick as he was. It hit him so differently this time. I hope this isn't a start of him having to be hospitalized when he gets sick.

When we got to the doctor office they checked Noah's pulse ox and it was 85. The nurse then gave him a breathing treatment an then preceded to take his pulse ox again and it was still 85. At that point they gave him rocefin shots(antibiotic) and a steroid shot. After that I was told to take Noah to the Cleveland Clinic because that was where his specialist are.

When we got to the ER at the Cleveland Clinic around 5:30pm they took him back right away. I'm so glad because it was full of people holding vomit boxes. It was so hard watching them stick things up his nose to suction him out. One respiratory therapist I thought was just a bit rough with him. She was jamming it up his nose over and over again that both nostrils were bleeding. I was just waiting for her suck out his whole lung. We finally were taken to the ICU around 11pm. Noah hardly slept at all that night.

On Thursday they moved him to the regular floor and started weaning from the oxygen. We started at 4 liters.

On Friday his doctors told me if Noah could get off the oxygen during the day and night he could go home. On Saturday they said the some thing and was told again that he needed to sit up more. I kept waiting for the nurses to come in and help I waited until about 12pm and decided that if no one else was going to get him out of bed so I preceded to do it myself. I was carefully getting him out of his bed with all his wires attached. When I felt someone watching me. I looked and there was this nurse (The same nurse that had a hard time getting Noah's blood pressure earlier that morning and yelled at Noah, "Noah I have places I need to be.") looking at me with utter disgust on her face. She pops her head in the door and ask me, "What are doing?" I told her that I was trying to get him up sitting in his chair like the doctors wanted. She said" Well his little hiney is sticking out." and then preceded to walk back out the door. Never even offering any help. I got him comfy on my lap and then I waited for a nurse to come and take him off his oxygen. After over a hour I decided just to do it myself. I figured if I didn't we would still be there waiting. I couldn't believe how much better he was after getting lots of loving. When I put him back in his bed he was all scooting all over it.

We were finally released on Sunday at 12pm.

This is Noah getting a breathing and vest treatment after we got home on Sunday.

This is what Noah gave me for my birthday today.
I love his smiles.
Thank for all the prayers on Noah's behalf.
The Sheaffers

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