Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shriners Fun Day at the Fairgrounds

A couple of weeks ago Noah's class was invited to the fairgrounds for the Shriners Fun Day. This was Noah's first time to be able to go. Every year the Shriners hold a Fun Day. The kids get to do things they normally wouldn't do. Noah usually gets sick and hasn't been able to attend. This year he has been doing really well and was able to participate. I got to go along. It was so much fun.
Noah and I got to ride in a police car. I was telling him here that it better be the last time I see him in a police car. He just laughed at me.

Noah and I also got to ride in a golf cart. This wasn't new to him but, he loved it any way.

He got to pet a miniature horse. He kept wrinkling up his little nose. I don't if it was because he didn't like the smell or that he didn't like how it felt.

This was the best part for me. Noah's first ride on a horse.

Noah even got to pet a little puppy. I asked him if he wanted me to put him in his bookbag an he said "yes."

We also got to ride in this little donkey cart. I felt so sorry for these poor little things.

The Sheaffers

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