Thursday, April 16, 2009

Noah Needs Your Prayers

This couple of weeks has been pretty rough for Noah. He has been battling his first pneumonia of the season. Noah woke up on Saturday morning with a fever, a nose that wouldn't stop running and was coughing quite abit again. We went back to the doctor on Monday. His doctor said the pneumonia was still there. Noah ended getting antibiotic shots in both legs on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday. We went for a recheck this morning and his lungs are still junky and we are still needing to do breathing treatments every 4hrs. On top of that he has a start of a staph infection on his poor little red nose. He has to have antibiotic cream for his nose and a oral antibiotic as well. When will it ever end........ But , if you know Noah he is still his little smilely self and growling at the nurses when they come in the room.

Please pray for Noah, he needs a break,

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